Don’t pee on my street!

Bus Stop or Toilet?

So this is a bus stop near home (4th and Folsom). For some unknown reason, people seem to think this bus stop looks like a toilet. Yes, some of them are bumbs, but I also see relatively average, normal looking people taking a wiz here, in broad daylight, while waiting for a bus.

The other day I was walking Emmitt (my dog) here about noon, and there was a guy who wasn’t even facing the wall, has had his back to the bus stop and was facing me. He was wizzing on the sidewalk. He had his willie in one hand, and actually had the nerve to wave at me, asking for a cigarette, with his other hand as I walked by. I simply looked at him in disgust.

This is apparently happening every day. I don’t always see the people doing it, but there is a constant wet-spot on the sidewalk. I am so disgusted that I felt compelled to put up this sign. I don’t know if it will actually help, but hopefully it will at least discourage the casual wizzer.

The Hunger Site

The Hunger Site

So, some of you may have heard of The Hunger Site before. If not, I encourage you to follow the link below to learn more about it. Once you’re at the site, click the ‘Give Free Food’ button. I don’t think you can click more than once a day (it won’t count the extra clicks). It doesn’t cost you a thing.

While you are at the site, you have access to four other tabs (across the top) that do the same thing for other causes… Breast Cancer Site, Child Health Site, Rainforest Site, and Animal Rescue Site.

… from The Hunger Site’s ‘Common Questions’
How does the site work? Who pays for the food?
The site’s sponsors pay for your daily click. The sponsors purchase tiles on the Thank You page for a certain amount of time. The Hunger Site then tabulates the number of people who click during that time frame and bill the sponsor for the appropriate amount. The Hunger Site divides the monies between two leading hunger relief organizations: America’s Second Harvest and Mercy Corps.

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Our Digital Lives?

People Icons

I’ve decided to go ahead and open up this blog to a select group of friends. The posts on this site will no longer be strictly mine.

David Lee Roth on Sopranos?

David Lee Roth on Sopranos

So I’m pretty new to The Sopranos. Since I’ve moved in with anne marie she has been introducing me to the show. We don’t have cable (yet), but anne marie’s mom tapes them and sends them to her. Anyway, we were watching a couple of episodes last night. The scene was a poker game with the whole gang. To my surprise I see David Lee Roth, former front-man of Van Halen, sitting next to Tony at the game. He only had one line, it was just a cameo appearance. But it was funny to see him there.

Operation Iraqi Children

So I was watching ‘Good Day Live’ this morning. They had Gary Sinise on. He was talking about some trips he has made to Iraq. Specifically visiting schools over there. When he returned he co-founded Operation Iraqi Children. I liked what he had to say, and appreciate what he has done. I encourage people to visit the site and do what you can.

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Reagan on Tour

If you haven’t seen this, Ronald Reagan’s body is being driven around California today. He then flys to DC for display, then back to CA for display & burial. Is it just me, or does it seem a bit strange that his body is on tour for people to see? I personally think that is a little degrading. Let the poor man rest in peace already.

How Times Have Changed

This is just a commentary on how times (and TV) have changed… I cought a bit of The Andy Griffith show this morning at breakfast. Aunt B’s sister & her husband came to visit. Aunt B’s sister slept with her, and her husband slept with Andy, in his bed. Not only could they not show a man and woman in bed together, but the show went out of it’s way to point out that they were NOT sleeping together (even though they were married). Today they would have been half naked, and on top of each other… married or not.

new breakfast place

Last night anne marie and I went to a BBQ at a friends house. One of the people there suggested a breakfast place with outdoor seating (I love eating outdoors) in the Castro called ‘The Patio’. We tried to go there this morning and found out that it had closed 4 years ago. I guess he hadn’t been there in a while.

But, we did find a great little place called ‘LUNA’. It’s at 558 Castro Street. It has a beautiful back patio / lush garden. It is reasonably priced (for San Francisco), and has very good breakfast. I would reccomend it. The only downside was they don’t offer toast with Breakfast, just biscuits. I like my toast :)

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