Type-Face Portrait of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs type-face portrait

Here’s an amazing portrait of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, done almost entirely in type. It was created by Dylan Roscover. The portrait is formed by the text from Apple’s, Here’s to the Crazy One’s ad campaign of the 90’s, and it uses fonts found in Apple branding and products. The image above is just a slice of the portrait, I recommend checking out the full size version to really appreciate it.

If you like this style of typographic-portraiture, here’s 45 more portraits to look at.

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Noma Bar’s May 2009 Limited Edition Spock Cover for Esquire

Spock, by Noma Bar

I just love this illustration of Spock for the May, 2009 (limited edition) issue of Esquire Magazine. It’s by famed illustrator Noma Bar. His work is really wonderful.

I can’t find a site for Noma, but you can see more of his work by doing a Google image search. He also has a book available at Amazon.

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