‘Loop’ hits the iPhone app store

Loop iPhone Application

A good friend of mine recently decided he wanted to try his hand at making some iPhone applications. Being new to the platform, he decided to get his feet wet with something small. His first app is called, Loop, and it was just released into the iPhone App Store.

Loop is basically inspired by the old spirograph sets. With just a few parameters, you can draw infinite variations of spirals, and then save them to your camera roll.

Although I wasn’t involved in the making of the actual app, this was kind of my first involvement in an iPhone app too. I made the application icon.

Truthfully, Loop isn’t going to change your world or anything, but it is a fun little time waster, and you can make some cool images to use as iPhone wallpapers, etc.. Grab your copy of loop through the link, below.

Loop (launches iTunes)

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