‘Loop’ hits the iPhone app store

Loop iPhone Application

A good friend of mine recently decided he wanted to try his hand at making some iPhone applications. Being new to the platform, he decided to get his feet wet with something small. His first app is called, Loop, and it was just released into the iPhone App Store.

Loop is basically inspired by the old spirograph sets. With just a few parameters, you can draw infinite variations of spirals, and then save them to your camera roll.

Although I wasn’t involved in the making of the actual app, this was kind of my first involvement in an iPhone app too. I made the application icon.

Truthfully, Loop isn’t going to change your world or anything, but it is a fun little time waster, and you can make some cool images to use as iPhone wallpapers, etc.. Grab your copy of loop through the link, below.

Loop (launches iTunes)

Feedburner Accounts Moving to Google

I run the RSS feed for One Digital Life through Feedburner. Google bought Feedburner a while back (2007, I think), but the change of hands never really required me to do anything. I’ve heard rumblings for a little while now that Google was going to require people to migrate their feeds into a Google account, but I hadn’t really checked into it until now.

I tried to login to my Feedburner account tonight, and I can’t. I’m being prompted to migrate my account to Google. I’ve read some mixed reports on how smoothly this goes, and I may or may not need to change my feed address.

I’ll probable migrate the feeds tomorrow, so if the feed stops working, just come by the site and grab the new address.

if you use Feedburner too, you may want to try to login to your account.

Adobe Addresses Security Vulnerabilities in Flash, but not Acrobat or Reader

Adobe has released a new version of the Flash plugin for Mac, Windows, and Linux, that addresses a serious security vulnerability. The update fixes a critical flaw which could cause your computer to be hacked merely by viewing a malicious SWF (Shockwave Flash) file, according to Adobe’s advisory

Adobe has a Web page that will automatically display what Flash version you’re using, and allow you to download the update, if needed.

Meanwhile, there’s no fix yet for a serious security flaw in Adobe Acrobat and Reader that was reported a few weeks ago. (More Info at Macworld)

via Macworld

Star Trek Movie Marathon at The Castro, March 6-8

Star Trek The Motion Picture

Woohoo! The Castro Theatre here in San Francisco is having a Star Trek Marathon, March 6th through the 8th (2009). They will be showing Star Trek 1-6, starring the original cast.

Of course I’ve seen all the movies, but it will be great to see them on the big screen, again. Here’s the show times currently listed from the site:

Friday, March 6th (double feature):
Star Trek The Motion Picture – 2:15pm, 7:00pm
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – 4:45pm, 9:30pm

Saturday, March 7th (double feature):
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock – 2:30pm, 7:00pm
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – 4:35pm, 9:05pm

Sunday, March 8th (double feature):
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier – 2:45pm, 7:00pm
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – 4:50pm, 9:05pm

Apple Releases Safari 4 Beta

Safari 4 Beta

Today Apple released a public beta of Safari 4. It has some impressive new features, but what really caught my eye was the new Cover Flow view for browser history. Currently I use SafariStand to get this feature under Safari 3, and I’ve come to rely on it heavily. I’m extremely glad to see it’s going to be built right in to Safari 4.

Safari 4 Beta is available for both Mac and PC. As with all software, you should understand what the word, “Beta” means if you plan on installing it.

UPDATE: After seeing this post over at Daring Fireball, I thought it worth mentioning that you’ll want to be especially cautious upgrading to Safari 4 Beta if you use any Input Managers, such as the excellent 1Password. It’s important to remember that these things are unsupported hacks, and it’s entirely possible for new versions of Safari to break these “plugins”. Don’t upgrade yet if there’s any third party add-ons that you absolutely rely on.

UPDATE #2: Thanks to this post at The Graphic Mac, I’ve learned that Safari 4 now stores bookmarks in a .plist file, rather than a standard HTML file, like previous versions of Safari. Unfortunately, this probably means that most bookmark syncing utilities will probably be broken as well.

UPDATE #3 (2/25/2009): Just 1 day after Apple released Safari 4 Beta, Agile Web Solutions has updated 1Password to be compatible (and include several other bug fixes). Awesome!