My Wedding Ring

My Wedding Ring by Diana Hall

When I blogged about getting engaged I showed a picture a Anne Marie’s engagement / wedding ring, so I thought it only fitting that I show mine now that I have it.

It’s hand made by a woman named, Diana Hall. The ring itself is silver, with a carbon fiber inlay. I like it because it’s a unique mix of old a new materials, which is not only very representational of my personality, it’s also analogous to the transition from single life to married life. I like it. It suites me.

Although it’s not very usual, I’m actually already wearing my ring, even though we haven’t figured out a date yet. It seemed kind of silly to wait.

4 thoughts on “My Wedding Ring”

  1. that looks sooo cool…what type of metal..and is the weave in the middle something different? glad to hear that you are wearing it now…it symbolizes the fact that you are sooo committed to AnneMarie, and eachother.

    M-Ann :)

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