Techtool Pro 5 Shipping?

Techtool Pro 5

Techtool Pro is a great utility for monitoring your Macs hardware for problems, and repairing problems with your files and directory structure. Last year at Macworld (Jan. ’08) I bought the upgrade to Techtool Pro 4.6.1, and it came with a free upgrade to the radically redesigned Techtool Pro 5, which was not yet ready to be released. Version 5 was supposed to be released around April of 2008.

Fast forward to January 2009 and there was still no sign of Techtool Pro 5. In fact, as of today their website still lists it as, “coming soon”. So, I stopped by their booth at this years Macworld to see what was up, and surprise, surprise… they handed me my copy of the finished product. Apparently it’s ready to go. I’m not sure why they haven’t told anyone yet, but if you’ve been waiting for your copy, you may want to send them an email.

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