Create dedicated file-upload applications with FTP Maker

FTP Maker

Softhing’s new FTP Maker 1.0 lets you create dedicated, branded, file-upload applications that can be distributed to your friends, family, clients, etc.. Files can be uploaded to your server by simple drag and drop… no ftp knowledge required, and no other software needed.

This is a great idea. I would love to use this with some of my less technically-savvy client’s, but unfortunately it’s mac only. Most of my clients are PC users.

FTP Maker costs $30. The free trial version limits you to uploading files of 1MB or less.

via Macworld

3 thoughts on “Create dedicated file-upload applications with FTP Maker”

  1. FTP is an obsolete and outdated protocol.
    Anyone using FTP should seriously consider using WebDAV.

    Since DAV works over HTTP, you get all the benefits of HTTP that FTP cannot provide. For example: strong authentication, encryption, proxy support, and caching. It is true that you can get some of this through SSH, but the HTTP infrastructure is much more widely deployed than SSH. Further, SSH does not have the wide complement of tools, development libraries, and applications that HTTP does.

    DAV transfers (well, HTTP transfers) are also more efficient than FTP. You can pipeline multiple transfers through a single TCP connection, whereas FTP requires a new connection for each file transferred (plus the control connection).

    Do a Google search for BarracudaDrive, which is an easy to use WebDAV server.

    You do not need a client if using Windows or Mac since a client is integrated into the operating system.

  2. Thanks for the information, David. I’m no expert in this, but I can tell you that not all hosts offer webDAV yet. In fact, my host (media temple) says they’re not offering it because it has too many security holes (according to them).

  3. WebDAV is very secure. Much more than FTP. Sounds like your hosting provider do not know how to install WebDAV so they come with a silly excuse.

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