Oh crap! No more Circus Animals?

Mothers Iced Circus Animal cookies

After 92 years in business, Mothers Cookies abruptly closed their doors and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in early October of this year. They just couldn’t keep up with rising costs and the generally crappy state of the economy.

I’ll miss many of Mothers Cookies, but I’ll miss Iced Circus Animals the most. Those delicious little pink and white treats were my all-time favorite cookie. I’ve been eating them as long as I can remember. I didn’t eat them on a day-to-day basis anymore, but there was nothing better on a road-trip, or better yet, a camping trip.

I wish I had just one more bag. :(

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UPDATE: After some poking around on the internet I did find 2 options for anyone who has a craving for one last fix:

  1. Desert First has a recipe to make your own. The woman who made them says they look right, but admits they don’t quite taste like the store-bought variety.
  2. An online food distributor called, Asian Food Company, still has a variety of Mothers Cookies listed on their site. Circus Animals aren’t cheap. They’ll run you $34.99 for three 14oz bags. I went ahead and bought them, as I’m feeling the need for some cookie closure. Hopefully they’re the genuine item and not part of some underground cookie counterfeit ring.

UPDATE (12/09/2008): My cookies have arrived! :)

UPDATE (12/09/2008): It looks like Mothers cookies may be resurrected by Kellogg. If so, I would be bummed that I just spent $35 on $9 worth of cookies, but happy to have the cookies available again. :) Thanks for the link, Richard.

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