Some Upgrades for One Digital Life

I wanted to have a complete redesign of the site by 2008, but that obviously didn’t happen. But, I did do a few small upgrades the other day. In addition to upgrading to the latest version of WordPress, I also added a some functionality through 2 great plugins…

SRG Clean Archives
This is a great plugin for making a more useful archives page. The default archive format for the theme I’m using just had links to the past months and categories. It wasn’t very useful. Now it has each post listed in chronological order. The plugin also has some spiffy Moo Effects built in, but I chose not to use those.

This plugin allows you to add Asides to your blog. I’m calling them Quickies. Asides (or Quickies) are things you want to link to or write about but don’t necessarily warrant a full-blown post. I’m still working out some formatting issues, but you can find the new Quickies in the sidebar. If you subscribe to the feed, the quickies will come in with all the standard posts. One nice thing about this plugin over some other methods for adding asides is it doesn’t limit the number of standard posts that get displayed on the page. All asides also get archived along with all the standard posts.

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