Mac Software Specials: Today Only

There are a couple of cool software titles on sale today. The first is Periscope. It’s an application that adds all kinds of cool functionality to your Mac’s built-in iSight (or other webcam). Among other things, you can set your camera to automatically take pictures when it detects motion or sound, or on a timed interval. Then, Periscope can automatically upload the image to your .Mac account, or ftp server. It can even email the photos.

I’ve only just played with Periscope a little, but it looks pretty cool. Periscope normally runs US $39.95, but you can get it today only for US $19.95 through Maczot.

If you’re unfamiliar with Maczot, they run 1-day only sales on individual software titles, year round.

The next app on sale today is MarsEdit. MarsEdit is a desktop blogging application that works with many blogging platforms. It’s my personal blogging app of choice. I use it to maintain all of my WordPress blogs. In fact, I’m typing this post in it right now.

MarsEdit normally runs US $29.95. You can get 20% off today only through MacSanta.

If you’re unfamiliar with MacSanta, they run 1-day only 20% off sales on groups of software from about the beginning of December through December 24th. The day after an item is featured on their 1-day sale, it moves into their extended deals section where you get 10% off until December 24th. There are already quite a few apps in their extended delas section that I have my eye on.

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