Freelance Freedom #21

Freelance Freedom by N.C. Winters

I came across this comic, by N.C. WInters, over at Freelance Switch. I had to pass it along because it is just so true. When you freelance as your primary source of income, days tend to all blend together. The line between weekday and weekend gets pretty thin, if not disappears all-together. For most freelancers, there are days you work, and days you don’t, but they don’t necessarily correspond to a calendar. It can be a real bummer. I used to really look forward to Friday, but now it’s just another day.

There are quite a few of these comics on the Freelance Switch site. I also really like this one and this one. I definitely identify with them.

Oh, and if you or your significant other are a freelancer, you might find their article, Mixed Marriages: When One Spouse Goes Freelance, to be an interesting read. I did.

A boost to my ego

Portfolio of Paul Burd

My ego got a nice little boost this morning when I discovered my portfolio site was featured on Design Melt Down. :)

“… This set of designs are really sharp, and their usage of ornamental backgrounds shows just how terrific the style can look. And the best thing is that it doesn’t feel forced or like an after thought. The ornamental designs have been carefully crafted to fit into the design for a unified result.”

My thanks go out to Patrick McNeil, the designer behind Design Melt Down.

Are new 17″ Macbook Pros coming next week?

17 inch Macbook Pro Shipping Delay

I was browsing around Apple’s online store this morning and I noticed something very curious. With only 2 exceptions, all Macs have a shipping date of, “Within 24 hours”. The interesting part is in one of the exceptions. The 17″ Macbook Pro lists shipping as, “7-10 business days”. Given that Leopard ships in 9 days (10/26), is this an indication that Apple will announce updated 17″ Macbook Pros on the day Leopard ships?

The only other model not to be listed as 24 hours is the top of the line iMac, which is listed as, “1-3 business days”. To me, that just sounds like a typical delay for build-to-order systems, which may be more common on the higher end model. I don’t think we’ll be seeing new iMacs, but new Macbook Pros is looking like a real possibility.

UPDATE (10.23.07 – 10:13pm): I’ve been keeping on eye on the shipping dates for 17″ Macbook Pros, and just tonight it was updated from 7-10 days to 1-3 days. Leopard will go on sale in just over 2 days. This may be just a coincidence, but I find it awfully suspicious.

UPDATE #2 (10.25.07 – 12:48am): Leopard is now 1 day and 17 hours away. Right on schedule, the Apple store has been updated to show shipping times for the 17″ Macbook Pro as, 1-2 days. I’m definitely seeing a pattern here. :)

UPDATE #3 (10.26.07 – 5:07pm): Well, not all predictions can come true. Leopard is on sale around most of the country, and will be here in San Francisco in about an hour… and no new Macbook Pros were announced. :(

Star Trek “The Menagerie” in-theater event

Star Trek The Menagerie in-theater event

On November 13th, 2007 over 300 theaters around the country will be showing Star Trek, “The Menagerie”, in HD, presented on the big screen. They’ll also be showing “Never-Before-Seen Footage and Behind-the-Scenes Featurette”. The event is a precursor to the release of digitally remastered first-season episodes on HD DVD, happening the following week.

There’s no participating theater here in San Francisco, but the Bay Street 16 over in Emeryville is showing it. Check out the site to find a theater in your area.

I’m a huge Star Trek fan, but my girlfriend isn’t. I can’t pass up this opportunity, so unknown to her, I just bought tickets for both of us. ;)

I can’t wait!

Leopards drops on October 26th

Leopard Countdown

It’s official, Apple will begin selling Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard, on October 26th at 6:00pm. Apple’s online store is now taking pre-orders.

If you’ve been waiting (like I have) to buy your new Mac until Leopard was available, your wait is almost over. Actually, you could buy your new Mac today, as any systems sold after October 1st is eligible for a free ($9.95 shipping) upgrade to Leopard when it ships.

I’m going to hold off buying my new Mac until Leopard ships. I was hoping that some new laptops would be announced at the time they announced Leopard, but there’s no sign of that. But, there’s still 10 days until they start shipping, so I’ll wait to see what happens.