Freelance Freedom #21

Freelance Freedom by N.C. Winters

I came across this comic, by N.C. WInters, over at Freelance Switch. I had to pass it along because it is just so true. When you freelance as your primary source of income, days tend to all blend together. The line between weekday and weekend gets pretty thin, if not disappears all-together. For most freelancers, there are days you work, and days you don’t, but they don’t necessarily correspond to a calendar. It can be a real bummer. I used to really look forward to Friday, but now it’s just another day.

There are quite a few of these comics on the Freelance Switch site. I also really like this one and this one. I definitely identify with them.

Oh, and if you or your significant other are a freelancer, you might find their article, Mixed Marriages: When One Spouse Goes Freelance, to be an interesting read. I did.

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