Free ‘Rising Sun’ Photoshop brushes

Light Rays Photoshop Brushes

It doesn’t happen all that often, but from time to time I’ve had to make light rays for a design I’m working on. They aren’t terribly difficult to make manually, but Matt, of found these great Photoshop brushes that do it lickity-split. They’re called, “Rising Sun”, and they’re free. Thanks, Matt.

Oh, and if you’re curious about what kind of project that these may come in handy for, here’s a promotional card I did a couple years back.

WordPress 4-month dev cycle

Wordcamp 2007

A few weeks ago I attended Wordcamp 2007 here in San Francisco. There was a lot of great news and discussions that came out of it, but one item that many WordPress users out there will find interesting is that WordPress will now be on a 4 month major release cycle. Version 2.3 should be out in September… 2.4 four months after that, etc…

This is an experiment for now, as they’re not quite sure they can maintain this schedule. I personally am looking forward to 2.3, as it will finally have built-in support for tagging. It was also announced that the built-in tagging feature will be backwards compatible with “all major tagging plugins”.

Peek into page formatting with XRAY

XRAY for web developers

XRAY is a super handy little bookmarklet that allows you to reveal the formatting of web page elements just by clicking around the page.

I’ve only used it with Safari, but since it’s just a bit of javascript, it should work with all modern browsers, on both platforms.

UPDATE: One of the XRAY developers left a comment saying that it doesn’t quite work in IE or Opera yet, but he’s working on it and should have a version soon. Thanks for the update, John.

via SimpleBits

New Macs next Tuesday?

Apple sub-notebook
Rendering by Isamu Sanada

It’s been confirmed that Apple is holding a special press-only event down in Cupertino next Tuesday, August 7th, at 10:00am (pdt).

Before you start dreaming of wide-screen iPods or iPhone 2.0, Apple has apparently made it quite clear that this is a Mac event. The consensus is that they’ll be announcing new iMacs, and possibly be discontinuing the 17″ version.

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we see new iMacs, but I’m also wondering if we’ll see completely new models added to the Mac lineup… like maybe a sub-notbook? Apple has been buying a whole lot of Flash lately. I guess we’ll have to wait till next Tuesday to find out.