Dynamically reformat your WordPress blog for the iPhone

If you run a WordPress blog, you can easily optimize your site for the iPhone with a handy plugin called, iWPhone.

The plugin automatically detects if the visitor is on an iPhone, and dynamically reformats the content to best fit the smaller screen.

Keep in mind that this is an early beta release of the plugin, so you should expect some bugs. I browsed a few sites that are running it, and everything seem to work fine. I haven’t tried it here yet, as I’m running an older copy of WordPress. The plugin developers have only tested the plugin on WP 2.2.1

On one hand, I think this is a very cool plugin. But on the other, a big part of the “wow factor” of browsing the internet on an iPhone is it’s the “real” internet, and not some slimmed-down, mobile version of the internet. This plugin kind of goes against that. I’m personally hoping that the developers build in an option screen to allow the viewer to choose which version they want.

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