Stargate SG-1 goes out with a whimper

Stargate SG-1

Anyone watch last night’s series finale of Stargate SG-1? What did you think?

Personally, I thought it stunk! If it were just another mid-season episode it would have been mildly entertaining, but as a series finale meant to cap-off 10 years of the show… it sucked!

I’ve been out of the loop on Stargate for a while, but where was Jack? I know he’s not part of the SG-1 team anymore, but they couldn’t write a part for him for the finale? It’s as if they didn’t even try to do something special for the last show… they just dusted off an old script that never got made.

iPhone Guided Tour

iPhone Guided Tour

In case you missed it, Apple has posted a new Guided Tour Video for the iPhone. It’s mostly the same stuff we’ve known about, but it does show some additional features that I haden’t seen before. Most notable for me was the mention of the mail applicaion’s built in viewers for PDF, Word, and Excel documents. I also liked seeing that the Google Maps application has real-time traffic reporting. We also have some more info on the earbuds that come with the iPhone. They offer some limited “remote” featurs for music and phone use.

Give yourself a little time if you plan to watch this new movie. It’s about 30 minutes long.

The biggest piece of the puzzle still outstanding is plan pricing from AT&T. It’s been reported that that pricing info won’t be published until the 29th.

iPhone New York

Yes… another iPhone post. You know it’s just going to get worse until after it comes out, and then we’ll all bitch about how bad it sucks, and we’ll be counting the days until iPhone 2.0. But, until that happens, enjoy the iPhone New York, unofficial iPhone commercial.

via Richard’s Notes

Apple updates iPhone specs

Apple released a statement today updating some of the iPhone’s specs. Most notably are longer battery life and the replacement of the top surface from plastic to optical-quality glass. [LINK]

South Park Studio Updated

If you’re a fan of Janina Koeppel’s South Park Studio, you might like to know it’s been updated to version 2.1.

Janina has added:

  • 8 background pictures & 8 background colors
  • 24 hair styles
  • 27 hats
  • 66 shirts
  • 5 new kinds of legs
  • 4 beards
  • 43 shirt motives
  • 63 other itens

Here’s what I would look like if I were hangin on the beach listening to some tunes… and I happen to be a Jedi. What? It could happen.

Photosynth demo

Wow! This is really amazing.

“Using photos of oft-snapped subjects (like Notre Dame) scraped from around the Web, Photosynth (based on Seadragon technology) creates breathtaking multidimensional spaces with zoom and navigation features that outstrip all expectation.”

Adobe CS3 Master Collection: The Fine Print

Adobe Master Collection

A few months back Adobe announced the new CS3 version of almost all their apps, and all new application bundles. One of the new bundles was The Master Collection, which contains almost all of Adobe’s top apps in one box. It is a substantial savings over buying individual apps separately, or other bundles.

The Master Collection isn’t available yet, because it’s still waiting on a couple of apps to be updated. But, Adobe is allowing people to upgrade their applications now to the new Design or Web bundles, and then when the Master Collection becomes available, you can buy it by just paying the difference between what you pay now, and what the upgrade would have cost.

from Adobe: “You can purchase an edition* of Adobe Creative Suite® 3 today and then decide to move to the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection for the difference in price. For example, if you own a previous version of Adobe Creative Suite or Macromedia Studio, you can buy an upgrade to Creative Suite 3 Design Premium today for US$599†. If you later need the full power of Master Collection, you can upgrade to it for US$1,400, rather than US$1,999 (the price you would pay for moving from a previous version directly to Master Collection).”

Just yesterday I went ahead and ordered my CS3 Design Premium bundle. I’ve been considering upgrading to the Master Collection when it becomes available. It has a certain appeal to me, because I currently own the CS1 Pro bundle, Macromedia Studio MX 2004, and After Effects 7 Pro. If I upgrade all my apps, I’ll be spending only slightly less than the cost of the Master Collection upgrade. If I buy the Master Collection upgrade I’ll get Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, Soundbooth CS3, and Encore CS3 for about $200 bucks. Sounds like a great deal, right? I thought so until I saw this…

from Adobe: “To be eligible for this upgrade to Master Collection (and contrary to Section 5 of the End-User License Agreement for Master Collection), you must surrender your rights to, and license for, your original edition of Adobe Creative Suite 3 and uninstall that software.”

I wasn’t sure exactly what this meant, but it didn’t sound good, so I called Adobe for clarification. I wasn’t thrilled with what they told me.

When you buy Adobe’s Design, Web, or Production bundles, you own a license to each application in the bundle (even though you bought them as a group). Apparently, this isn’t true for the Master Collection. The trade-off for the big price break they give you, is that you don’t own the individual apps, you own a single license for the bundle. That’s why they require you to uninstall all your previous apps, and reinstall from the Master Collection discs. They don’t require you to send your original discs back, but they do de-autherize your serial numbers.

What does this mean, and why should you care? Well, it means that when you buy the Master Collection, Adobe is putting you on a very specific upgrade path from that point on. The Adobe Rep I spoke to said that he couldn’t tell me what that path would be, because these products are so new. But he did give me an example… Let’s say in a year Adobe announced Photoshop CS4. Anyone who owns Photoshop, or one of the other bundles, can just go to the store and buy the upgrade. Owners of the Master Collection may or may not be able to buy the upgrade, because they technically do NOT own a photoshop license. If they can buy an upgrade, it may or may not be the same price. The Adobe rep was understandably vague about the whole thing.

We won’t really know what the upgrade path for Master Collection owners will be until much later, but this is definitely something to keep in mind if you were planning on buying it. We may find that in the long run, the Master Collection is not such a good deal after-all.