Massive Nude Photo Shoot

Spencer Tunick

I’ve never heard of photographer, Spencer Tunick, but apparently he’s known for doing large scale nude photo shoots, in public spaces.

This Sunday (May 6th) will be one of the largest shoots yet… 6,000-9,000 people will be getting naked somewhere in Mexico City. It’s not to late if you would like to be a part of this, you can still sign up. Can’t make it Mexico City? He’ll be doing one in Amsterdam too. You have until May 25th to sign up for that one.

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Strange Love by Jai Lennard

Strange Love
©2007 Jai Lennard. All Rights Reserved.

Photographer, Jai Lennard, has produced a beautiful series of photographs called, Strange Love (NOT safe for work!).

Although some of the images are hit-you-in-the-face obvious as to their meaning, others are a little more subtle. Each one has a (sexual) story to tell, if you’re willing to take a moment to examine the objects in the photo and let your mind wander a bit.

My only real complaint is it’s a short series. I want more!

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24 hours of flickr

flickr event

For all you Flickr-ites out there, you may be interested in this. Tomorrow is 24 hours of Flickr – A global Flickr community event

“What happens around the world in one day? In a word – life. Here on Flickr, photographers are sharing what they see: snapping daily moments, recording history, telling stories, capturing beauty.

To celebrate this global community, we invite you to join us in “24 Hours of Flickr” – a day-long global photo project. On May 5, 2007, grab your camera and whatever else you need, and chronicle your day in pictures. The group’s photos will be featured at Flickr events around the world this summer and in a companion book, which will contain a selection of photographs chosen from the group (more about this soon!).”

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Mouse alternative for an injured hand


For several weeks after my hand surgery, I was unable to use a mouse. Luckily, I did find that I could use a trackball. I chose this Logitech model. You move the cursor with your thumb, and click with your first two fingers. I’ve also seen versions that are the opposite… you move the cursor with your fingers, and click with your thumb.

I personally prefer a mouse, and I’ve switched back now that I’m able to use one again, but if you ever find yourself with a hand injury, one of these may mean the difference between being able to work, or not.