QuickTip: Timed Screenshots with ‘Grab’


For the previous post, I needed to take a screen capture of the OS X app switcher. There’s just one problem, with the app switcher active, the OS won’t let you activate a screen capture via the keyboard shortcut.

Luckily, Apple gives us a built-in workaround for this, in the form of, Grab. Grab is a handy little application located in your Utilities folder. In addition to giving us the same type of screen captures available via the keyboard shortcuts, it also gives us the option for a “Timed Screen”. Basically, 10 seconds after you click go, Grab will capture your screen. It works a little differently than the keyboard shortcuts, as Grab brings up the capture in its own window, and you have the option to save it as a file, or copy/paste it into another app.

You probably won’t need this functionality very often, but when you do, it’s nice to know it’s there. It also comes in handy if you can’t remember all the variations of the keyboard shortcuts.

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