Melted Highway

collapsed 580 overpass

Early yesterday morning a 250-foot section of our highway melted and collapsed after a gasoline tanker truck rolled over and exploded. Fortunately it happened so early that there was virtually no one on the freeway. The driver of the truck was the only person injured.

Our local CBS station has the full story, including video coverage, on their site. There’s also a map available, with alternate routes listed.

We were so lucky this happened early Sunday morning. If it had happened during a busy part of the day, this would have been so much worse.

Mac Fanatic Software Giveaway

If you’re unfamiliar with Mac, it’s a website, and a podcast, dedicated to Mac goodness… software reviews, Apple news, etc..

Matt, the creator of the site, and host of the podcast, is celebrating the 50,000th download of his podcast by giving away a bunch of great Mac software (1 app per winner). Here’s the list, as of today:

  • Tangerine (1 copy)
  • Rapidweaver (3 copies)
  • Frenzic (3 copies)
  • Typinator, KeyCue, and PopCharX (1 copy each)
  • Journler (1 copy)
  • CSSEdit (1 copy)
  • SmartBackup (1 copy)
  • ChaChing (3 copies)
  • Billings 2.5 (1 copy)
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac (2 copies)
  • Delicious Library (1 copy)
  • Disco (3 copies)
  • Overflow (1 copy)

If you don’t recognize some of those titles, Matt has you covered with a complete description of each.

Entering the contest couldn’t be easier, as all you really need is a name and an email address. I’m sure you all have those, right. You’ll need to enter between April 23rd, and June 1st, 2007. Winners will be chosen by random drawing. Check out the full details, here.

Oh, and while you’re there, have a look around the site, and give a listen to Matt’s podcast.



I totally love the concept behind Keyport. Basically, you would have all your keys copied onto special blanks that fit in this stylish ‘fob’, so you get rid of that jagged, tangled mess in your pocket. The company also plans to incorporate RFID for remote keyless entry, Alarm Remote, and Flashlight… integrating all the items on your keychain into one “universal access device”.

Unfortunately, Keyport isn’t actually available… yet. But, you can sign up on the site to be notified when it starts to ship.

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Media Temple – False GPU Overages

This post is just for Media Temple Grid Server users.

If you got an email from mt about GPU overages this month, it may have been incorrectly calculated. That’s what happened to me. I normally only use about half my GPUs, and all of a sudden I got an overage warning for April. After fighting with them a bit on how this didn’t make any sense, I got this email…

“On 3/10/07 system engineers rolled out an upgrade (GMR v.1.2) to the (gs) Grid-Server which included many system enhancements and bug fixes. We have since discovered through an analysis of these upgrades, which made several changes to core code and logic, that a miscalculation was introduced to the GPU accounting formula on certain Clusters. Our immediate plans to remedy this situation are as follows:

  1. All GPU related charges from the date range of 3/10/07 to today will be voided and a credit will be issued to your account.
  2. In the best interest of our customers, all GPU accounting and overage fees will be disabled pending a full, forensic analysis of our GPU accounting system.
  3. A new GPU analysis tool is being developed to give you an incredibly detailed view into your GPU usage. This new tool, currently in development, will help you track scripts, software, and files which are causing GPUs to be used. We will be providing further updates on this tool on our weblog.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please be assured that (mt) Media Temple will only collect payment for accounting which is 100% accurate and valid. Should you have any questions, please use one of these options to contact our billing department for more information.”

I was pretty frustrated with mt over the past few days, but they seem to be making an effort to ensure there are no incorrect charges. I’ll give them a thumbs up for that.

Photo Portrait – Portraits with a soul

Photo portrait

One genre of photography that I’ve never been all that good at is portraits. Although I’ve never been too happy with most of the portraits I’ve taken, I do enjoy looking at ones that have been done well.

I recently came across, Photo Portrait – Portraits with a soul. It’s a great site dedicated entirely to portraits, by various photographers. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a little inspiration.

If you like photography that is a little more risque, check out their sister-site, Nu Photos – Nude photos with a soul. It’s very good too.

The iPhone on Lost?

Lost - iPhone

Well, OK… not really. But the show did pay homage to the upcoming iPhone in last night’s episode.

I watched the episode, but totally missed this. The image on the left is a screenshot from the show, of the ‘satellite phone’. The image on the right is the iPhone (obviously). Notice any similarities? The satellite phone even has the OS X home folder icon in the top row, center. If you look close enough you can pick out various other icons from your Mac’s Applications and Utilities folders too. That’s pretty cool!

Don’t believe this is real? Head on over to and watch the episode (4.18.07) for yourself. It’s about 28 minutes in. On a side-note to this, the new abc player can stream the episode at full-screen (1280×1024 in my case) with amazing quality.

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