Pay more for Vista with Parallels

Are you planning on Running Windows Vista on your Mac via Parallels? You may want to check out this post at

Basically, it says that Microsoft won’t allow you to run Vista Home Edition ($199) with Parallels. If you want to use Parallels, or any other virtualization, you’ll have to pony up for the Business ($299) or Ultimate ($399) Editions.

But, if you want to Run the cheaper Vista Home Edition via Apple’s Bootcamp, that’s OK. Unfortunately, the current beta version of Bootcamp only officially supports XP.

2 thoughts on “Pay more for Vista with Parallels”

  1. You gotta love Microsoft, squeezing an extra hundred bones for a platform you’ll only use when you have no other choice. I’d say stick with Parallels + WinXP unless you have some mission-critical need for Vista.

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