iPhone Countdown Widget

iPhone Countdown Widget

Two things happened yesterday… First, I wrote a post about Dashcode, Apple’s widget making app. Second, I saw this post over at TUAW about a cool DIY cut and fold paper iPhone template. The guys who made the template also had a countdown (in the form of an iPhone) on their site.

I thought to myself… Dashcode has a built in template for countdowns, and an iPhone countdown would be better as a widget, rather than a webpage. So, I broke out Dashcode and whipped one up.

Now, we don’t have a firm ship date for the iPhone. Steve just said ‘June’, so my widget counts down to June 1st. I’ll update it to v2 when we get a firm release date.

Let me know what you think.

UPDATE (4.10.07): Rumor has it that the iPhone will be available on June 11th. I’ve updated the widget to countdown to that date.

Download iPhone Countdown (requires OS X 10.4.3+)

3 thoughts on “iPhone Countdown Widget”

  1. Although there is already a similar widget posted online and dugg, have you thought about submitting this to the Mac OS X Downloads area, Version Tracker, or something like that to get a little bit more feedback on it?

    Overall, very nicely done.

  2. Thanks, glad you like it.

    This was actually just a fun little exercise. I don’t think I’ll submit it anywhere else. I saw the one on digg, and I’ve seen two others on dashboardwidgets.com. I guess a few people had this idea ;)

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