NO 3rd Party Apps for iPhone?

No iPhone Developers

There’s been a rumor flying around that Apple will NOT be allowing 3rd party applications to be installed on the new iPhone. After a conversation with Apple’s VP of Applications, Eddie Cue, and Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, the guys over at Gizmado have apparently confirmed this. Apple will NOT be allowing 3rd party developers to make software for the iPhone.

This is a HUGE disappointment for me. Some of the best software available is made by independent developers. Why would you do this, Apple?

Unfortunately, the same article goes on to say that Apple has no plans to provide direct iTunes store access from the iPhone. You still need to go through iTunes on your computer.

It’s also looking like you won’t be able to sync your iPhone with your computer wirelessly, you’ll have to use a doc (like the iPod). But, this hasn’t been totally confirmed yet.

Of course, all this being said… I’ll probably still buy one.

found via TUAW

Update (1.12.07): TUAW has a followup that has some quotes from Steve Jobs confirming the iPhone will be a closed platform. Interestingly, Jobs’ also implies that we’ll be seeing additional software from Apple, and others, available for purchase.

4 thoughts on “NO 3rd Party Apps for iPhone?”

  1. That simply doesn’t make sense to me. At all. I would like to have been able to write my own little Apps for my phone, or have things like Skype on it. Why not? Windows Mobile 5 is open for other devs…

    The Closed source, closed platform approach is not cool.

  2. You’ll probably buy one? =P

    Well, I believe we are going to see some third party apps, in a later incarnation of the SW. First off, there’s clearly room in the menu for some extra icons, and we’ve seen it done for the iPod (games).

    I agree with you on the wireless syncing and iTunes store, though… Being able to purchase music on-the-go would probably be one of the killer apps for me…

  3. I’m sure Apple have music purchase on the go in the works, after all, it wouldn’t be that hard using the iPhone’s WiFi capability, to have the iPhone automatically copy ‘purchased-on-the-go’ tracks onto the Mac/PC, and vice-versa.

    As for the 3rd-party apps, I’m sure this must be a mistake. Either that, or Apple are plain crazy (which, when you look at how well thought through the phone is, I highly doubt).

    Both of these are features consumers want, and if they don’t arrive when the iPhone ships, they will arrive at some point.

    Thats my $0.02.


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