Macworld Keynote… The Rest

Macworld Keynote 2007

Other than the iPhone, and Apple TV, most of my predictions did not happen. I’m not entirely surprised that we didn’t see any new Mac models, but I am quite surprised that iLife ’07 and iWork ’07 weren’t announced. I would have bet money on that. I’m also a little disappointed that we didn’t see an update to .Mac. It’s overdue.

The only other things that Apple announced were a couple of new iPod ads, new movies on iTunes from Paramount, and the announcement that as of today, Apple has officially changed their name to “Apple, Inc.”, instead of “Apple Computer, Inc.”

Although that last one has no immediate impact on most of us, it does represent a pretty big shift in the company, and possibly will have the biggest ramifications on future products. We’ll see what the future brings.

If you’re interested in watching the keynote for yourself, it’s been made available online. I would say it’s worth watching just to see the iPhone in action. It really is a revolutionary product.

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  1. Don’t you understand that Jobs trully wanted to rewrite a date into history?
    He just announced the iPhone because he think it is the most accomplished mobile device that provide perfectly every service any user can expect from. From now, it is completely clear that other manufacturers have just been implementing technologies such as you put a magnet onto your fridge.
    About a missing release of Leopard informations, I guess the OS of the iPhone is a tiny sample of what X.5 will be able to do, and will look like. Try to imagine that kind of OS X light at exposant 10, at least, and you’ll see Leopard.
    Finally, “Apple Inc.” is the sign that Apple IS a new company right now, not later in the future.
    It is pretty clear a page has been turned.


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