Tip: Navigate Coverflow with your keyboard

Navigate coverflow with your keyboard

By now we all know about Coverflow, the new album browser in iTunes 7. But, did you know that you can navigate Coverflow with your keyboard?

With Coverflow active (you may need to click inside the Coverflow window), you can use the left and right arrow keys to navigate back and forth within your albums. Tap the keys to scroll by one album at a time, or hold them down to quickly scroll through you library.

You can also use the letter keys to jump straight to that letter. How this works depends on how your list view (under Coverflow) is being sorted. If you’re sorting by artist, tapping on the letter D will take you to artists names that start with D. If you are sorting by name, tapping on D will take you to songs that start with D, etc… You can refine the scrolling by typing multiple letters. For example, if you’re sorting by artist, you can type DEP, and you’ll go straight to Depeche Mode, and skip over other artists that start with D.

Hitting the Return key (not Enter) will start playing the frontmost album / song.

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