I’m live again… almost

Well, after a few days of ups and downs, the site is live again… sort of. I’ve moved over to MediaTemple hosting, and some things have broken in the move. I’ll be trying to fix them today, but don’t be surprised if things don’t always quite work as expected.

UPDATE: The site seems relatively stable, but it’s definitely being held together by duct tape and kite string. I think it’s going to be a few days (at least) before things are back to normal.

UPDATE #2: The site itself is in pretty good shape, most of my problems now are with WordPress (my blogging software) itself. I’m having strange bugs like, I can create pages, but I can’t delete pages. If I try to edit a post, I end up on a blank screen. I have a sneaky feeling that I may be doing a fresh install of WordPress soon, so the site will go down again while I do that. Once I get all of this straightened out, I’ll be writing up the entire process, what worked and what didn’t, and why I made certain decisions.

A bug in my contact form

If you’ve tried to contact me using my contact form, I may not have received the email. I recently discovered a bug in the form. I think I’ve fixed it. For now, everything seems to be working again.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

DreamHost or MediaTemple?

With today’s incident of the site going down, I may be in the market for a new host. The two I hear come up the most are DreamHost and MediaTemple. So, I’m taking a poll… if you’ve used either of these, what do you think of them?

UPDATE: I chose MediaTemple as my new host. I wrote about it here.

WWDC 2006 Banner

WWDC, 2006 Banner width=

Here’s some pictures I took of the Banner hanging over at the Moscone Center for the WWDC, 2006. It went up today. We’ll have to wait until Monday, for the conference to start, before we find out about all the new goodies, but I think this banner may provide some clues.

There are definitely some icons that I don’t recognize, but I also noticed that the iPod is strangely missing from the banner. They have a black, and white iPod nano, but no full-size iPod. Could this mean that we’ll be seeing a new one? Or, does the banner represent things that will be changing, so we’ll be seeing a new nano.

They also have some large banners hanging from the ceiling, but they are covered. Could these be the new iChat Mobile? The anticipation is killing me.

UPDATE: a video of the iChat Mobile has surfaced on YouTube. You be the judge on how real it looks.

UPDATE #2: Holy Crap! When I posted this picture, I thought it would be popular, but I didn’t think it would totally bring my site to it’s knees! The image was picked up by digg, engadget, gizmado, cult of mac, TUAW, AppleInsider, and a ton of other sites. It was a little too much for my host to handle… they pulled the plug, and I was none to happy about it… but that’s a story for another post. The site is back up now (obviously), and I’ve moved the original image (and added 2 more) over to flickr.

UPDATE #3: Aaron, of mcmacsite.com, asked if I could go ahead and post everything I have, so… I did. There are 5 new images in the Flickr set. Although, they don’t really show anything new. I was hoping to head over there this afternoon and see if anything new has gone up. Happy speculating.

UPDATE #4: I just walked by Moscone. They’ve put up the finishing touches on the interior, but there is nothing new to see. I think these are all the clues we’ll be getting until announcements are made Monday morning.

Stadium Arcadium Rocks!

Stadium Arcadium

I recently bought the Red Hot Chili Peppers new double-CD, Stadium Arcadium, and it totally rocks! I really like it a lot. If you’re a Chili Peppers fans, I highly recommend picking this one up.

The iTunes Music Store has it for $19.90. Amazon has it for for $11.88, and it qualifies for free shipping on orders over $25. I personally picked up my copy on sale at Target for $15.99. I wanted the price break of Amazon, but the instant gratification of iTunes. Target was a happy medium, and I got to rip it at my own data-rate.

The Apple Rises over San Francisco

Apple Logo on Moscone

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2006 starts on Monday, and Apple has officially begun to take over Moscone Center. This afternoon saw the beginnings of the logo being applied to the building, along with a bunch of cool banners inside.

What do you think will be announced? Will it be larger capacity iPod nanos, Wide-screen iPods, Mac Pro desktop systems, or the ever sought after iPhone? Like always, the rumors are running rampant.

Playboy commemorates 31 years in Brazil

Playboy, Brazil

Let me just say, WOW! From a design perspective, this is one of the greatest ads I’ve ever seen. With just a few simple squiggles of a black pen on white paper, it effectively illustrates the message.

The ad was created by an agency in Brazil, called Neogama, and they did a beautiful job. Well done Neogama!

As a designer, I know how strong the temptation can be to reach out to the latest and greatest digital tools to complete a project. But, I think this ad really shows that sometimes, the best solution is to abandon all of that, and use your mind, instead of your mouse.

Found via How Advertising Spoiled Me