iClip Lite 2

iClip Lite 2

I don’t often need multi-clipboard functionality, but when I do, I find iClip Lite very handy. It’s a dashboard widget that allows you to store little bits of text, images, URLs, etc… I especially like the recording function. If you click the round button on the left side of the widget, it starts recording, and you can start copying whatever you like onto the clipboard and iClip Lite automatically fills in the bins on the widget with what you copied.

I think Inventive software did an excellent job with this widget. Apple apparently agrees, as they were given an Apple Design award for best widget at this years World Wide Developers Conference.

5 thoughts on “iClip Lite 2”

  1. can anyone explain exactly how you use this thing?
    it looks pretty and seems cool….but i have no idea how to make it useful….
    thanks for your help….

  2. The little arrow that points towards the circles puts the last thing you copied into the ‘bin’. The little arrow that points away from the circle copies the items in the bins back onto the clipboard, for pasting into other applications.

    One use is holding frequently used bits of text. Things you want to always have handy and you don’t want to type them each time.

    I find it most handy when editing documents. I can place a copy of the original text into iClip lite, while I edit. If I decide I want to compare, or replace some of the new text with the original text, its just a keystroke away.

  3. sorry…i am slow…
    ok – i figured out how to copy into the thing – but how do i paste it bad “out?”
    I tried just “apple V” onto a blank document and nothing happened……?

  4. To get it out, click the arrow that points away from the big circle. Doing that copies it from the bin back onto the clipboard. Once it’s on the clipboard, you can hit Apple V to paste into another document.

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