iTunes: free videos

iTunes: free videos

Every so often Apple releases a free episode (or 2) of a TV show. They can sometimes be hard to find… until now. Apple has been kind enough to gather up all the free episodes and put them in one convenient place. Thanks Apple!

To navigate to the free shows, simply open iTunes and go to the store. From the left column, click ‘TV Shows’. The free downloads are listed at the bottom of the page. I would give you a direct link, but that feature doesn’t seem to be working very well at the moment, so I thought it best to just tell you how to get there.

Unfortunately, I think these free episodes are only available in the United States. Can someone from another country confirm this?

found via TUAW

3 thoughts on “iTunes: free videos”

  1. Thanks Thanks THANKS Thanks!

    I don’t have cable (college student) though I really don’t even seek to have it, but I have been wanting to see a little bit of Black and White. Thank YOU!

  2. It works in Japan. Although I have an apple account from when I was in the States. Don’t know if that matters
    Thanks for the heads up about this, good TV for an expat is hard to come by here.
    They are running Ally Mcbeal, Felicity, and Night Rider during primetime. I can’t believe I ever thought Night Rider was any good. But Felicity is still a babe.

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