40,000+ comment spams


At some point I’ll be putting together a complete write-up on the process I went through moving my wordpress installation from one host to another, but that’s a much longer post, and for now I thought this bit of info deserved to be mentioned.

One of the issues that arose when trying to transfer my wordpress database from one host to another was the size of the database. It was 205MB. After some searching online, I saw that many people said their database was only 3-5MB. So, I figured something was wrong but I didn’t know what.

As it turns out, 200MB of my database was comment spam being held by Akismet. I had over 40,000 individual pieces of spam. The way Akismet is supposed to work, is it holds suspected spam for 15 days, and then deletes it. At this point, it’s unclear if Akismet was malfunctioning, and not deleting the spam, or did I actually receive 40,000+ comment spams in 15 days? If so, holy freakin hell!

Deleting the comment spam reduced my database to a more manageable 5MB. Once I get everything running smoothly again, I’ll be tracking comment spam over the next few weeks to see if it’s working properly. I’ll update this post at that time.

If you use Akismet, I recommend keeping an eye on it, to see if it’s functioning properly. From your wordpress admin page, click on ‘Manage’ and then ‘Akismet Spam’. From there you can see how many total spams Akismet has caught, and how many it is currently holding on to. You also have the option to delete them.

UPDATE: I may not have to track this much after all. I deleted the spam comments earlier today when I wrote this post, now just 8 hrs later, I have over 1,000 spam comments sitting in my Akismet holding area. So, it looks very likely that I could actually get 40,000+ spam comments in 15 days. WTF! I hate spammers!

UPDATE #2: I wrote a post on how I’m addressing this issue.

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