Chicago on the round

Today I came across Photojojo!. It’s a digital photography blog that posts tips, tricks, and DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. They have some pretty cool stuff listed. If you’re at all into digital photography, I recommend checking them out.

Using this tip, I quickly altered a photo I took of Chicago into… well… a different looking photo of Chicago.

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San Francisco PARK(ing) DAY

PARK(ing) Day width=

September 21st, 2006 is PARK(ing) DAY, here in San Francisco.

“The challenge is up to you. REBAR, with support from The Trust for Public Land (TPL) wants you, the most creative minds in San Francisco, to create the most innovative PARK in a parking spot.

Please join us as we transform parking spots into PARK(ing) spaces: temporary public parks in areas that need open space – enlivening the streets and improving the quality of urban human habitat.

REBAR is seeking volunteers to help us a carry out a series of PARK(ing) installations throughout the city of San Francisco.”

Go check out the site for more information. Unfortunately We’ll be out of town, so I won’t be able to join in. But, I encourage all who are interested to contact the organizers to see how you can participate.

Found via Inhabitat

Bryce 5.0 for FREE

Free Bryce 5.0

If you’re unfamiliar with Bryce, it’s an application for creating 3D landscapes. It’s available for Mac and Windows.

Between now and September 6th, 2006, you can get version 5.0 for free, without any restrictions. Version 5.0 is the older version, they are currently on 5.5, and I believe they are going to be releasing v6.0 in the not to distant future.

They have a note on the site that says “Bryce 5.0 does not run under Mac OS X Tiger (Mac OS 10.4 and above).” I think what they meant to say is that it does not run WELL. The application did launch, but behaved strangely, and in my limited testing I wasn’t able to export the image. If you’re running 10.4, use at your own risk.

tip: The Bryce 5.0 download comes as an old Stuffit Archive (instead of .zip). You’ll need Stuffit Expander (Free) to open the archive.

Found via Creative Guy

Mint Notification Pepper

Mint Notification Pepper

Tony Gumbel has just released an awesome Pepper for Mint. It’s called Notification.

“Notification is a pane-less Mint pepper that sends the site owner an email when a specified criteria is met. The user can select between total or unique visits for either the hour, day, week, month, or overall time period. This could be used to find out when your site reaches a specific milestone, or to find out when previous months hits have been passed.”

Personally, I’m using Notification as an early warning system for sudden increases in traffic… like when you end up on digg, or slashdot. All you have to do is track total visits per hour, and set it to a number higher than your normal maximum. That way, you should be notified within one hour of the start of a traffic spike.

Thanks Tony, your work is greatly appreciated!

Found via Shaun Inman

Pirates of the Caribbean II

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

1.5 Star

We finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man’s Chest. It was so bad, I don’t even know where to begin.

I gave it 1.5 stars, and it’s important to know that I give 1 star just for going through the trouble of making a movie. The other 1/2 star was for effects, they were well done. It did have a few (short) good scenes, but overall it was a random jumble of never-ending plot lines. Basically, Dead Man’s Chest was a 2.5 hour trailer for Pirates III.

Instead of wasting any more of my night on this movie, I’ll just point you to the Ninja’s review. I agree with everything he said. I should have listened to him, and skipped this film all together.

Liftoff to landing in 66 years

Wright Brothers - Moon Landing

The Wright Brothers took their very first flight in 1903. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969.

I was reminded of these two facts yesterday, and I had never really done the math. That’s just 66 years between those events.

Within a single lifetime, we went from a civilization that couldn’t leave the ground, to one that could leave our planet in a spaceship. That’s just mind-blowing!