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Highly Subjective

A while back I mentioned that I started a new photoblog, called Highly Subjective. I’m using Pixelpost as my photoblogging software, and I finally finished tweaking my template, at least for now. I’m releasing it for anyone to use. I’ve created a quickie (temporary) download page (I’ll pretty-it-up later). Enjoy!

[ Download Template ]

UPDATE (12/18/2008): I’ve switched from Pixelpost to WordPress for my photoblog. You’re still free to download this template, but it doesn’t look like my site at Highly Subjective.

3 thoughts on “Template for Pixelpost”

  1. Hi
    I really like the looks of your template. Very good job. I’ve downloaded it. I just hope I’ll manage to set it up correctly. I’m no computer wizard.
    Anyway. Very nice template and lovely photos.

  2. Thanks Jonathan. I’m glad you like my photos. I should mention that this post is out of date. I no longer use Pixel Post as my blogging software, so the templet does not look like my current site at HighlySubjective.com. I’m using WordPress now.

  3. Hey man, your current work looks really great! congrats. but as you said, you’re no using pixelpost anymore. i had aprecciated so much the currennt template, how did you made it? i’m doing a pixelpost website and it’s a total disaster! could you help me a little?


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