TiKi Bar TV

TiKi Bar TV

It’s been in my Vlogroll for ages, but after a quick search of the archives, I realized I’ve never mentioned TiKi Bar TV. It’s one of my all-time favorite vlogs / video podcasts.

TiKi Bar TV stars Dr. TiKi, Johnny Johnny, and LaLa… ooooo, LaLa. Basically, they’re little skits that take place in the TiKi Bar… generally revolving around drinking. They also generally include a recipe for some obscure drink, either made up or real, I’m not sure which. They are hilarious!

Unfortunately, they don’t publish very often, only about once every month or two. I think partially because they put a lot of production value in to them. But, there are currently 15 episodes for your viewing pleasure. I recommend watching them all.

Link: TiKi Bar TV

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