Freeware Pics: SafariSource & WebDevAdditions

Safari Plugins

A couple of days ago I told you how to visually brouse CSS with Xyle scope. Today I’d like to tell you how to get some similar functionality, but for free… in the form of 2 safari plugins.

The first is SafariSource. It does just one thing, but it does it well. It colors the source code in Safari’s source window. This can be useful for times when you have to dig through a page’s code to find something. SafariSource has a pref pane that allows to to customize the colors of various elements.

The second is WebDevAdditions. This handy little tool adds several options and menus to Safari, allowing you to view CSS used in a page and turn on / off various items on a page. It also can outline those items to help you figure out the structure of the page.

Neither of these will give you all the options of Xyle scope, but hey… they’re still darn useful… and they’re free!

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