Blogging for Dollars: Dooce & Kottke Podcast at SXSW

Heather B. Armstrong and Jason Kottke at SXSW

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to blog full-time… as your job? If so, you may want to check out this Podcast from SXSW. It features Heather B. Armstrong, of, and Jason Kottke, of They’ve both turned their wildly popular personal blogs into their full-time jobs, but using different methods. Jason decided on a subscription based model, while Heather has opted for placing advertising on her site. Hearing them discuss their experiences is pretty interesting.

This subject is especially interesting to me. I put a fair amount of effort into maintaining this site, and although I love it… it would be great if it could occasionally give me something back… other than a warm fuzzy feeling that is. On that note, don’t forget to buy my t-shirt :)

Found via Binary Bonsai | Photo via Laughing Squid

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