Back in Black: Return of the one digital life t-shirt

one digital life t-shirt

That’s right, the one digital life t-shirts are back… in black (there’s white ones too).

The t-shirts were such a big hit last time I did this, that I decided to bring them back for another round. Well, OK, in all honesty I’m the only one who actually bought one of the shirts when I did this before, but that’s no reason not to try again, right?

The new t-shirts come in black or white, with a grey logo. They are 100% cotton, lightweight or heavyweight, short sleeve, or long… and start at just $11.99. All proceeds go to paying the hosting bills for this site, with hopefully enough left over to buy me a beer on Friday night.

So, if you’re just kicking yourself for not buying one of my previous shirts, now is you chance to make it up to yourself. Buy my shirt today. You’ll be supporting this site, and getting a bitchin t-shirt to boot. It’s win win.


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