Slightly new design

If you come here very often, you may have noticed the site looks just a little different today, then it did yesterday. Not a big change, I just swapped out the header and background color.

Every since I upgraded to WordPress 1.5 (currently on 2.0.1), I’ve been using a modified version of the default theme. It’s gone through a few revisions. One of these days I’ll actually find the time to build the site from the ground up, but until then I need to tweak it every now and then, when I get sick of looking at it.

5 thoughts on “Slightly new design”

  1. You know Paul, I come here every day and I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t have said something. Did you just make the gray background darker?

  2. …weird. When I refreshed the page to see if my comment made it, I got the new header and everything. Before it was still the orange. My apologies. Enjoying the new/old aqua look.

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