3 thoughts on “Create your own iWeb templates”

  1. Hey Guys – it’s me, Suzanne. I just wanted to let you know that I disabled my theme page and put up a new Downloads page instead so if you try the link above and go nowhere, that’s why. Thanks for the entry – much appreciated. Enjoy!

  2. Hey Suzanne, I just found this link to an article you did about creating your own iWeb templates, but unfortunately it’s gone with everything else .me. I was wondering where else I might find that article.
    Jim Bond

  3. If anyone has a copy of Suzanne’s tutorial on building iWeb templates, please send it to me at ghozey444@gmail.com. Or if you know of anything similar, please pass it on as well. All I’ve been able to find is an article on Peachtree from 2006.

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