Shareware Pic: xScope… Six Tools in One


What is xScope? Well… it’s six tools in one….

  • Rulers – On-screen rulers that measure distances and angles
  • Screens – A dynamic view of smaller screen sizes and web browser content areas
  • Loupe – A magnifying glass that gives you a close-up view of your work
  • Guides – Markers for precise horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Frames – Markers for precise width, height & origin alignment
  • Crosshair – Finds the exact location on screen

A few years back these tools were distributed by ArtIs Software, as individual freeware applications. At some point they were all bundled together, and sold as shareware, under the name xScope. Although they are no longer free, $14.95 is a small price to pay for these extremely handy utilities. The Rulers, Loupe, and Screens utilities are especially handy for web designers. The website has screen shots of each utility, and a demo is available.

Tip: When you run xScope, check out the preferences for some nice options, like accessing the tools via the menubar.

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