Krugle: for programmers, by programmers


Krugle… What is it? Well, it’s a search engine for open source code and technical answers. Or, at least it will be. The project isn’t currently live, but they are hopefully going live on March 8th, 2006.

“…Unlike conventional search engines, Krugle is designed to locate code. Krugle supports code search by crawling, parsing and indexing code found in all open source repositories, as well as code that exists in archives, mailing lists, blogs, and web pages…”

I can hardly wait to give it a try. They have a list you can sign up on for notification of the project’s launching.

Found via GeekBrief TV

Aeroscraft: A flying Hotel


The Worldwide Aeros Corporation is in the process of building a prototype of the Aeroscraft, A luxury cruise ship (for the air) that will speed through the sky at over 170 mph, and have a range of several thousand miles. But don’t plan on this for your next vacation, the prototype is scheduled for 2010, and I can’t imagine production models arriving for at least several years after that.

It’s a great idea, and I hope it takes off ;)

Source – Popular Science | Found via – GeekBrief TV

Apple ‘Special Event’… NOT so special

Apple Special Event: February 28th, 2006

Today’s ‘Special Event’, hosted by Apple, has come and gone… and I must say, I for one am pretty disappointed.

The rumors, like always, were all over the place… building expectations so high that Apple couldn’t help but disappoint. That being said, today’s announcements were so small, I don’t think they really even should have had an event at all… The products, for the most part, just aren’t all that impressive.

They made three announcements today… a new Intel-based Mac mini, with Front Row and a remote ($599-$799). An overpriced leather case for the iPod ($99), and an Apple ‘Boom Box’, called the iPod Hi-Fi ($349).

The Hi-Fi looks cool, and is supposed to sound great, but I think $349 is a bit steep. I’m also a little surprised at the price tag for the Mac Mini… part of Apple’s advertising pitch was the mini was under $500… they can’t say that anymore.

Sorry Apple… I think you blew it this time. These products should have been announced a little more quietly. You know we would have spread the word for you, if you had just put them on the site without a lot of hoopla. Having an event like this just served to disappoint people.

[ Image above via Engadget ]

Disney Memorial Orgy: By Wally Wood

Disney Orgy: by Wally Wood

Chances are pretty good that at one point or another, you’ve seen the work of Wally Wood. He was an illustrator who’s work has appeared in countless comic books, magazines, and book covers.

in 1967 Wood was commissioned to draw the “Disney Memorial Orgy” for a 2 page spread in The Realist, a satirical magazine of the time. The image later became a poster.

Paul Krassner, publisher of The Realist, has made the poster available again in the form of an 18×24 inch, digitally colored print, for $35.

Found via Boing Boing

WWJD Winners

WWJD Winners

I’m sure everyone has heard by now that Apple is holding a special press-only event tomorrow (2/28) to announce some new “toys”. But, if you just can’t wait to see some new Apple goodness, even if they’re fake, you can check out Engadget’s WWJD (What Would Jobs Do) photoshop contest.

The idea was to mock up your favorite would-be Apple product, that Steve Jobs may be announcing. The winner was Adam K’s “Apple Tablet”, an iPod-style mini flip-up computer. As far as realistic product mockups go, I thought it was great, but my two personal favorites were the BoxedLunch Pro, and the iCube… with the tagline:

15,000 songs.
25,000 photos.
43,252,003,374,489,856,000 combinations.

Check out the gallery for many more fine examples of photoshop skills and imagination.

iPod People 2.0

new iPod billboard

The new style iPod ads have been popping up all over the city. I’m a big fan of the original (solid color) style ads, but I’m liking these new ones a lot… maybe even better than the originals. What do you think?

Hey Canon… you Rock!

canon SD300

About a month ago we went on a hike to Arch Rock. When we stopped for lunch, Anne Marie went to use her camera, a Canon SD300, and noticed a large crack in the screen, just under the surface. We’re not exactly sure what happened, but we think it may have been sat on.

The camera is about a year old, and we weren’t able to say for sure what happened, so we didn’t really think it would be covered by any kind of warranty.

About a week ago Anne Marie sent it in to Canon to have it repaired. She wrote a letter explaining what happened, and did not try to hide the fact that the damage was more than likely caused by her, and not a defect.

Tonight, she got it back… completely fixed, with a note saying there would be NO CHARGE for the repair. Hey Canon… YOU ROCK! You just earned a couple of repeat customers.

I’ve got the SD300 too, and I highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a new digital camera.