Package Tracker Widget not in 10.4.4?

Package Tracker Widget

Although I only need it once in a while, I find the Package Tracker widget very handy. I needed to track a package today, and was quite surprised when I couldn’t find the widget. I recently did a clean install of OSX 10.4.4, and apparently it‘s no longer never was part of the default installation. What’s up with that? What was I thinking?

If you’ve recently performed a clean install of 10.4.4, you can grab the widget from here.

UPDATE: Apparently I was wrong. I could have sworn this widget was part of the default install, but I must have just installed it immediately after upgrading to Tiger, originally. Thanks to Lee and Sean for setting me straight.

3 thoughts on “Package Tracker Widget not in 10.4.4?”

  1. To be honest, I’ve never seen it in a default OS X install.
    I’ve always had to install it myself.
    For both my Tiger install disc & my Power Mac G5 (quad).

  2. I think Lee’s right. I’m not sure it was ever a part of the default installation, although I believe Steve Jobs showed it off (as a third party widget) during the WWDC demo of Tiger.

  3. hmmm… I could have sworn it was part of the default install of 10.4. I must have installed it immediatly after upgrading originally.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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