Apple Digital Camera?

Apple QuickTake Digital Camera

There is a story today over at TUAW which speculates that Apple is working on a digital camera. I’m not sure if I buy it. There are a lot of good cameras out there, I’m not sure what Apple would hope to add. I think it’s more realistic to hope for an Apple PDA / phone.

Another interesting note… apparently Apple has already produced a digital camera. It was called the QuickTake, and it was made from 1994 – 1997. I don’t remember it at all. Anyone out there actually have one?

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  1. I had the same camera but made by Fuji, it was when digital cameras were very much in their infancy, 640 x 480 pixels so the pictures weren’t great but seemed okay at the time.

  2. Hmmm… Seem to be going for pretty cheap on eBay. I may grab one. (Great, now I’ve just jacked up the price… =)

    I have an old Mac SE gathering dust in my closet… (I found it on the street, with an external 20MB HD, & “stock” keyboard & mouse — all works fine, I think runs OS 6 or 7, I can’t remember.)

  3. Yes I had one, It was a nice unit. if my memory serves me correctly it was made for Apple by Fuji. Res was 640×480, the screen was bright and clear and the battery life was better than most.

    The most impressive aspect of the Quicktake 200 was the colour rendition — even bright reds were produced fairly accurately.

  4. Do not forget the other two incredible looking (for those days, it was 1994 or so) cameras released by Apple before the QuickTake 200, the QuickTake 100 and 150.

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