The Palm OS is dead (or is it?)


I’ve been considering buying the new Palm T|X, it looks like a nice little machine at a relatively reasonable price. I have an old m500, and it’s a bit out of date.

I am reconsidering that purchase now that Engadget is reporting that the Palm OS is officially dead. Apparently, Palmsource has been acquired by Japanese firm, Access, and a “logical end-of-life is expected for the Palm operating system.”

Palm, the hardware company, will continue… but their handheld devices will likely be running Windows Mobil, or some flavor of Linux.

Although I think the Palm OS has been less then innovative for many years now, I do hate to see them go.

UPDATE posted on Engadget:

“So it seems that news of the PalmOS’s death has been greatly exaggerated: Brighthand’s Ed Hardy has spoken to insiders at PalmSource who claim that while the next-gen PalmOS will be Linux-based, it will still run older apps and maintain the tradtional Palm look and feel (if it walks like a duck, etc.), and he also reports that PalmSource is attempting to have Computer Business Review pull their article.”

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