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Mint Pages

If you are using MINT to track your site’s visitors, you should be familiar with the ‘Pages’ pane of MINT. As the name would imply, it displays the pages that have been viewed in your site.

Unfortunately, when using MINT with a CMS, like WordPress or Movable Type, your pages pane may not be as useful as it could be, until now.

WordPress, like some other content management systems displays page titles as "Site Name > Section Name > Story Title". In the MINT Pages pane, the title is shortened to "Site Name > Section Name...". In the case of my site, ,most of the pages listed in the pane are somehting like “One Digital Life > Archives…”. If I want to see the actual page title, I have to roll-over the listing.

Fortunately, there is a workaround for this, that shortens the title in the Pages pane to just the name of the story. Shaun Inman, creator of MINT, recently documented the workaround on his site. Some options were also discussed in a thread over at the MINT forum.

The option I am listing here is for WordPress, and it was added to the forum by Brian, of Avalonstar. Basically, you just need to add this script into the same document that you added the MINT tracking javascript (mine is in header.php). You should add the script just above the MINT script:



The titles in the MINT Pages pane should now show up as just the story title. However, the process isn’t retroactive. Pages listed in the pane prior to adding the script will be listed as the old way. Only new pages viewed will show up correctly.

There is one small bug in the system. The pages pane displays single quotes (‘), double quotes (“) and ampersands (&) in story titles as the html character codes, rather than displaying the symbol. For instance, if you had a story called “Ben & Jerry” it would show up in the MINT Pages pane as “Ben & Jerry”. No one is quite sure why that’s happening, but it’s a small price to pay for a much more useful Pages pane.

Note: If you are using Movable Type, this code should work for you:

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