Live at Luther College

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Luther College

A couple of weeks ago a friend turned me on to the two CD set, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Luther College. It is awesome!

Now I know what you are saying… I need another live Dave Matthews CD like a fish needs… another live Dave Matthews CD. Lets face it, Dave has a lot of live CDs, and it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between them. But that’s not true in this case. Live at Luther College is awesome! It’s just Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds playing guitars (and singing, or course), and nothing else. There are no other band members or instruments.

I’ve never seen Tim Reynolds play, but he sounds like he has 10 fingers on each hand. I’m providing a sample of one of the songs to give you a little taste. It’s not the entire song, because that would be piracy. It’s just a piece, which makes it advertising.

iTunes doesn’t have it for some reason but you can get the two CD set for $18.99 at Amazon.

Play Sample – 500k mp3

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