Interview with New Orleans Mayer, Ray Nagin

New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin
New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin

One of my favorite blogs is Binary Bonsai. It’s operated by Michael Heilemann, who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Today, Michael has a post about what’s going on in New Orleans. It’s very interesting to read his perception of the situation (and the US in general).

Michael has also posted an mp3 file of an interview with New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin, recorded yesterday. I’m reposting the interview here to help save Michael’s bandwidth. It’s been reported that CNN is airing the interview, but that they have censored it. The interview starts at about 35 seconds in, and is about 14 minutes long. I highly recommend listening to the entire thing.

Just as Michael did on his post, I am closing comments for this story. Although I want this story to be told, this site is not a proper forum for a discussion on this topic.

[ Interview with Mayor Ray Nagin ] – 3.22MB mp3 (14:05)
note: Please don’t link directly to the mp3 file on my sever. You can link to this story, or you can download the mp3 and host it on your server.

This is the meta description embedded into the mp3 file:

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Angry at Lack of Action

Recorded on the afternoon (4:45PM CST) of September 1st. Interview with the radio station WWL-AM, probably the first frank and HONEST report from a politician that will likely be forever remembered in the narratives of our own time as a voice for the frustration and lack of action for the dead, dying, and homeless. One of the first glimpses of the real lack of internal organization of the Hurrican Katrina rescue mission.

This is the rebroadcast ripped from WWL-AM live feed at Sept 2nd 2:30 AM PST. Ripped without authorization, but earlier in the broadcast they said they sent the interview to newswires and CNN, so I assume they want this message spread and was released into the public domain (and a crisis like this DEMANDS outrage and ATTENTION for the sake of human life).

His comments about the levees being the EXACT same as right after the disaster and the factor of the drug addicts bring in new, harrowing news.

The interivew itself begins 35 seconds in.

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