Are you mac, or PC?

odl platform stats

Just a few days ago I installed Jeff Minard’s excellent WordPress plugin, WP-ShortStat. I am really surprised to see some of these numbers. According to this, the majority of my visitors are running some flavor of Windows. I would have never expected that. Yes, Windows has the majority of the market, but my site is so mac-centric that I would have expected a much larger mac readership. Do I really have enough content to keep Windows users interested?

Are you mac or PC? Let’s conduct a little informal survey shall we? Leave me a comment on this post, stating what operating system you run. Feel free to include any other stats… browser, monitor resolution, etc…

Apple updates its iPod trademark to include video

According to Engadget, Apple has updated its trademark for the iPod from “portable and handheld digital electronic devices for recording, organizing, transmitting, manipulating, and reviewing text, data, and audio files” to read “portable and handheld digital electronic devices for recording, organizing, transmitting, manipulating, and reviewing text, data, audio, image, and video files.”

Is there a video iPod just around the corner?

Apple Multi-Button Mouse !!!!!!!

Apple Mighty Mouse

Holy freakin hell! They did it! They finally did it! I have been waiting for this for over a decade.

Today Apple introduced the Mighty Mouse, A fully programmable four-button mouse with scroll wheel (actually it’s a ball). I could hardly contain my excitement this morning.

Both of the top buttons are concealed under a “smooth top shell” giving it the look and feel of a traditional Apple mouse. Apple’s answer to a scroll-wheel, was to make it a ball. The ball allows the user to scroll in any direction, even diagonally. Lastly are the side buttons, they’re pre-configured to call Exposé, but are fully user programmable (for Tiger users).

The new Mighty Mouse sells for $49, and is available today from the online, and retail Apple Stores.

Of course, the part of me that always wants more, more, more says… Hey, where’s the wireless version? I’m predicting it will go like this… Apple will sell this version for 1-3 months. Then, they’ll lower the price to $29, and introduce a Bluetooth version for $59. Sound about right?

UPDATE (8.3.05): AppleInsider has posted a very detailed review of the Mighty Mouse. Check it out.

Audioslave: Out of Exile

Audio Slave

I recently listened to Audioslave’s new album, Out of Exile. My first impression is that many of it’s tracks have a little softer sound than their first album. I haven’t quite decided what I think of the entire album yet, but there are two tracks I really like a lot…. Doesn’t Remind Me and Be Yourself. They are awesome!

Out of Exile is available via iTunes, or Amazon.

Google X Lives

Google X

Back in March I reposted a story from MacCentral about Google X. It was an alternative Google start page made available through Google Labs. Google X drew its inspiration from the OS X dock, with icons that animated as you rolled over them, in a familiar way to all Mac users.

Within hours of posting the story, the Google X page disappeared, never to be heard from again… until now. It looks like the folks at Tech Info Blog have created a mirror site for the missing page. Check it out. It’s silly, but cool!

Crazy cabbage no is monkey purple?


A few days ago ODL reader, Pedro, jokingly mentioned in a comment that I should provide the site in Spanish. Ask, and you shall receive… sort of. I happened to come across this nifty little translation plugin for WordPress. It uses Google to translate the site into Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. I don’t actually speak any of these languages, so I don’t know how well it’s doing. It’s machine translation, so I’m sure it loses some of the flavor, but hopefully it’s not total gibberish.

If you are fluent in English, and any of these other languages, please give it a try, and let me know how well it works by leaving a comment on this post. If the translation is so bad that it comes across as gibberish, than there is no reason to keep it.

You can translate the pages by clicking on the flags under the “Translate this page” heading at the top of the page.