Free Opera


I personally don’t care much for Opera, one of the few Internet browsers that actually costs money, but I do usually keep several browsers installed for testing purposes. I would have never bought Opera, but luckily the company is giving away registration codes in honor of it’s 10 year anniversary. You can use Opera without it being registered, but the upper-right corner of the browser window has ads in it. If you want an ad free version, just go get the code. But hurry, because the free codes are only available through midnight tonight.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like the promotion is gone. When I first read about it, the story said last night was the deadline. i read about it again today, and that story said today was the deadline. Since it was still active this morning, I though tonight really was the deadline. But, they’ve taken it down this afternoon. I guess they just forgot to do it last night.

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