NewsMac Pro

NewsMac Pro

Yesterday, download squad had a story about MacNews Pro, a new RSS reader for the Mac. I am a die-hard NetNewsWire fan, but I though I would have a quick look. After all, I am a software whore.

I must admit, NewsMac Pro is a pretty nice piece of software. First of all, it’s a very visually appealing piece of software. It also has some nice features, like the ability to sync with a Palm, an integrated Podcast player (with iTunes support), and a feed rating system. I am actually fairly impressed.

However, there is one feature that it is lacking. There doesn’t appear to be any integration with any blog editors, like MarsEdit, or Ecto. As much as I liked NewsMac Pro, I don’t want to go without this feature.

Bottom line… If I were in the market today, and didn’t want Blog editor integration, it would be a pretty close call between NetNewsWire and NewsMac Pro. I’m not sure which one I would pick.

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