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The other day I was paid a nice compliment by odl reader, Laurence. He commented that he liked the site, and asked if I would consider releasing the design as a WordPress template. I haden’t really ever considered that, but I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it.

If you’ve been coming here for a while, you know that the site used to look pretty different. Back on May 28th, I had hoped to do a complete redesign of the site, for the one year anniversary of one digital life. I never really found the time to do that though. On July 2nd, I was forced to change the design because I had to upgrade to WP 1.5 per a request from my webhost. I had the default theme for all of a few hours, but the designer in me couldn’t just leave it that way. I had to customize it, at least a little.?

I hadn’t planned on using this design for long, it was just to hold me over until I could develop my new design. After a little customization though, I started to like it. I can’t take credit for the blue graphic in the header. As any Mac user will tell you, it’s just a standard Desktop Picture that comes with OS X (Tiger).

The site as it is now, is only a slight modification of the default wordpress theme, which itself is a variation on Michael Heilemann’s original kubrick design.

So, the question… Will I release this as a template? The answer… I’ll consider it. It will take a bit of work to strip out all the stuff that is specific to this site, or that requires a specific WP plugin.

If I do release it as a template, it will probably need a name. Any suggestions?

UPDATE (a few hours later): OK, I’ll do it. I’ll release this design as a WordPress theme. I’m going to be a little busy until early next week, but look for it to be available for download by late next week.

6 thoughts on “one digital life… the template?”

  1. The first name that came to mind for me was Barbara. She’s Stanley Kubrick’s sister, that no one ever heard of.

    Are you referring to the Google ad iteslf, or the fact that it lists an iPod? The site does have google ads. I keep them off the homepage, and try to keep them as discreet as possible. I try not to do too many things like that, but it would be nice if the site could give someting back, other than the love that is.

  2. Ah ha, got it. No, I don’t have any control over that. Google sends the ads (supposedly based on site content). They control what text is in them.

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