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Do you like the stories I post here at one digital life? Do me a favor and help support the site by buying products from the merchants that I am affiliated with. It’s very simple, and won’t cost you a thing (extra that is).

I’ve added a list of merchants to the sidebar (more to come). If you’re planning on buying something from any of these merchants, please come here first and use my links to access their sites. That’s all there is to it. See, simple!

Here’s how it works. I am signed up as an affiliate with these merchants. Using my link to enter their site tells them that I sent you. They’ll pay me a commission for everything you buy during that visit. NONE of your information is transmitted to me. The merchant simply informs me that a sale has been made, and the commission amount. You get your latest and greatest gadget, and I make a little beer money… everybody wins!

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