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WMV Studio

Are you a mac user who wants to play, or edit, Windows Media files in QuickTime Player? Well now you can. Introducing WMV Studio. I came across this little gem recently, and it totally saved the day. I was working on a project that required me to have the ability to edit wmv files on my mac, and be able to convert the files back and forth from QuickTime to Windows Madia(wmv). WMV Studio does exactly that, and it works really well.

WMV Studio is not a stand-alone application. It consists of a QuickTime component, and a system preference pane. They provide 4 variations of the product depending on your need…

WMV Player (Play Windows Media in QuickTime Player) $9.99
WMV Player Pro (Import Windows Media for editing) $49.00
WMV Studio (Import, Export & Play Windows Media) $99.00
WMV Studio Pro (All of the above plus Hi-Def encoding) $179.00

WMV Studio works great. The one thing I wish it had was a little utility for batch processing. It is supposed to work with Discreet Cleaner, but I personally found this a little slow, and buggy. Enter QTAmateur, a freeware application that can batch export QuickTime files. It’s a great little app that works really well. I highly recommend these two products.

[ WMV Studio ]

[ QTAmateur ]

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