Recognize this layout?


Do you recognize this layout? Where is it from? If you said Amazon, you are WRONG. I know it looks like Amazon, it uses the same graphics, and the same layout. But this is actually a piece of spam I received this morning from some crap-hole OEM software sales site.

You have to watch these people (spammers) like a hawk. They’ll try anything and everything to fool you into clicking on their links.

People please, please look at your email carefully and don’t click on any link in any unsolicited piece of email. Even if it is something you may actually be interested in, resist the temptation. You can’t allow someone to profit from spam!

On a side-note, some pieces of spam have a “click here to unsubscribe” link. NEVER click on that link. For legitimate newsletters that you have signed up for, those links can be useful if you want to stop receiving it. But, for spammers, those links simply confirm that they have a valid email address. The result will usually be more spam.

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